Paint and Decorating

Geolida Decorating Services offers all painting and decorating for customers in South West London and each job is uniquely priced after site survey.  Our company also paint complete exterior house masonry plus timber and single-storey shop facades as shown in the company’s photographs below.
We pride ourselves on having specialist, skilled decorators undertake complete projects ensuring the deliverance of a high professional level of quality and service.
We especially enjoy restoring the Tudor-style houses as they are architecturally very beautiful. We, therefore,  mutually understand and appreciated their special qualities in facial design and work well in this belief with their owners.  The extensive work involved to ensure all the masonry and timber is closely inspected, professionally treated, replaced and painted is a combination of craftsmanship and art; we insist our company delivers the best quality work and each project is fairly priced.


 A small selection shown here include works undertaken by Geolida for some of our clients: timber-clad house facade and Hanna Pianos Showroom (exterior painting) to name a few….