Terms & Conditions

Geolida Properties Limited’s Company Policy:

We hereby list our company policies for customer’s information:-

  1. Workplace Health and Safety Policy
  2. Equal Opportunity Policy
  3. Employee Code of Conduct Policy
  4. Leave of Absence Policy
  5. Employee  Disciplinary Action Policy

We list our business’s terms and conditions:
  1. Geolida’s tools of various sizes are the property of our company and must be respected by each customer and                persons within the customers’ premises with which we work.
  2. Any loss or damage to our tools, materials purchased by Geolida Properties Limited and paid for by our company’s funds must be reimbursed by the customers within  the date and time of the work scheduled by our company.
  3. Any materials purchased by Geolida and stored or fitted in the customers’ property/premises will be the ownership of Geoldia Properties Limited until the customers have paid our company in full.
  4. Any unpaid bills, Invoices or parking tickets for our company vehicles (if prior agreement made between our            company and the customers to park outside their premises during the working hours) must be paid in full by the customers.
  5. All staff must be treated with respect and allowed to do their work.  Any abuse from customers will not be tolerated and our staff have our company’s authority to walk- off site immediately. Any work undertaken whether completed or not will be invoiced to the customer or parties authorising the work.
  6. On your iinstructions for our company to do the work we insist the customer signs and dates our Terms and                    Conditions regarding payment for the whole work.
  7. Our invoices must be paid as follows: within 5 working days for larger projects and small handyman services  must be paid immediately.  Any unpaid invoices will be subject to 8% interest added to the total amount due per week and if still unpaid after one month we instruct our company’s Debt Collection Service to act on our behalf and all costs incurred charged back to the customer.
  8. Please Note:  Deposit money is requested after our company quotations are agreed by the customer(s) and should our workers be cancelled without 24 hours prior notice we retain a minimum charge of £40.00.
  9. Whomever instructs us to do work on property (either landlord or tenant) will be liable for paying our invoices for work done by our company and legal action will be enforced for unpaid debts.