Properties To Let

Owner and managed  –  Geolida Properties Limited.  We have properties of various sizes including full houses in the south coastal areas, SW London and Yorkshire and advertise on this site when they are vacant for tenants.

At this time of posting all our properties are fully occupied and we are happy to put you on a waiting list so please contact our Head Office/London for further information.

All interested parties wishing to occupy our properties must provide the necessary documentation requested. Thorough reference checks are undertaken and we ensure all applicants for tenancies comply with the legal right to work and live in the United Kingdom.

PLEASE NOTE:   All our properties are for residential letting ONLY and not to be used by tenants for business purposes.  In all cases Geolida Properties Limited must be contacted in writing concerning business intentions or business activities taking place in our properties.  Tenants must not make any excessive cosmetic decorating, any alterations to gas, electrical appliances or internal / external structural building or removal of any kind as this will result in their       immediate eviction being served.

All internal and external visual images of our properties, including fixtures, fittings, walls, ceilings, staircases, garden walls and fences plus internal and external decoration of any kind displayed anywhere on the internet or in brochures is the sole property of Geolida Properties Limited.  We will immediately prosecute all persons photographing our properties and display advertising for any business purposes and breaching the Copyright Law.


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